88. All other witnesses
What does all the eye witnesses say about the last seconds in Olof Palmes life.
Is there anything you can determine, comparing with the technical evidence. To be truth full it's surprises me how the technical evidence fits with the eye witnesses and tells me that Olof Palme got shoot in chest first and then in his back.
This is my conclusion after analyzing the eye witnesses.

1. Is the murder walking behind or beside Olof Palme?
Beside Majority of the eye witnesses are sure the murder is walking beside Olof Palme.
2. What side is the murder walking on?
The murder is walking on the left side, no witness says he is walking on the right side.
3. What is the murder doing with his right hand?
He put´s it on Olof Palmes shoulder.
4. What is the murder doing with his left hand?
He have the gun in his left hand, there is witnesses that a sure he shoot Olof Palme with his left hand.
5. How are they standing in the moment?
Eye to eye.

This is what the eye witnesses says in the shooting moment:

1. Inge Morelius:
"...and then he grabs his shoulder, I thought it was going to be a fight and then two shot goes off in close series and the man falls down.
2. Anders Bjorkman:
The three seams to be in company, furthest out toward the street the women is walking a half step before the other. It looks like they are talking to each other. The man to the left put his arm around the man in the middle. It was so strange, a couple are walking together and then one is shooting the other and walk calmly away. I draw a solution that he killed Olof Palme with his left hand and hold his right hand on Palmes shoulders.
3. Anders Delsborn:
It's couple and a man they are standing and talking to each other. I come slow driving on Sveavägen. I saw Olof and Lisbeth, they where talking to a man. Suddenly he picks up a big gun (western style) with his right hand. He raised it towards Olofs chest and I heard two shots in fast series and I saw I big flame from the gun.
4 Elisabeth Johansson:
I got a impression they are standing and having a argue.
5. Christina Wallin:
They are standing in a triangle, eye to eye and when I here the second shot I see a person falling or had been fallen.
6. Alf Lundin:
Lisbeth loses her grip with Olof Palmes hand when they are passing the man who stands in the corner. Olof Palme turns to the man and possibly say something. I observe how the man from his left pocket takes up a object and then I here a puff.