87. Lisbet Palme questioned
Questioning by the police 860301 15.35

The Questioning took placed at Lisbeth Palmes apartment, present was superintendent Inge Reneborg and Christer H Sjöblom, present was also parliamentary undersecretary Ulf Dahlsten and Lisbeth's son Mårten Palme. Lisbeth Palme said she didn't want a tape recorder. At the cross Tunnelgatan-Sveavägen she heard two bangs, it didn't sound they come so closed buy.
She thought it was kids playing with fireworks, display and turned to her husband to comment it. In the same time he fell down, heavily bleeding from his mouth and chest. Lisbeth heard one more bang and felt a heat on her back. She saw a man running in on Tunnelgatan he stopped and looked back and then he continued, she didn't recognize anybody else.
The man was about 40-years 180-cm tall and compact body with a short neck , he was dark but not foreigner, his hair was brown. He had a blue quilted jacket who went below his waist, he had dark/gray trousers. Otherwise didn't Lisbeth notice any details either in the face or clothes.
Questioning by the police 860308 18:05

Lisbet Palme want to complement her last questioning a little. She have also discussed with her son Mårten Palme. She says his face is rounder then on the photo and his mouth and nose straighter.
Questioning by the police 860325 9:30

When the first shot burns off we are walking together, arms in arms. She thinks it is kids playing with fireworks or something else. She turns to Olof to comment it and see at that time he is losing his step and falls down, immediately after the second shot comes and she felled a burn on her back.
Questioning by the police 860429 16:30

The Questioning took placed at Lisbeth Palmes apartment, present was superintendent Lars Thonander and Gunnar Hierner In the corner at Tunnelgatan she hear a bang she notice that Olof is loses his step and fell down, her self got dragged down with him in his fall, she hear one more shot and feel a heat on her back.
Questioning by the police 890126 18:30

Present was head of division Solveig Riberdahl and Jörgen Almblad. Immediate after that Olof got shot Lisbeth turned to left and said something about fireworks, in that moment she got shot to.