My forensic science summary.

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0,26 gram differentiae's on a new bullet and the bullet that hits Olof Palme its that enough to make the holes in his tie 6 cm above the holes 1.6 and 1.7

Kula 2. hits Olof
Diameter:     .358".
Weight:             153.8 grains. (9.97 gram).
Caliber:        .357 Magnum.
Manufacture: Winchester-Western (US).
Bar wide:    .100 (2.54 mm).
Rib wide .120 (3.05 mm).

Bullet 1. Hits Lisbeth
Diameter:     .353-.357".
Weight:             155.5 grains. (10.08 gram).
Caliber:        .357 Magnum.
Manufacture:   Winchester-Western (US).
Bar wide:    .100 (2.54 mm).
Rib wide: .116-.120 (2.95-3.05 mm).
1 grains= 0,0648 gram     
A new bullet weight 158 grains or 10,23 gram.

12 degrees rake on the bullet its equivalent to a level different on 21 cm/meter.

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The ballistic for .357 Magnum Metal Piercing bullet is for the manufacture
8 inch barrel: 430 m/s and E 960 Joule 
4 inch barrel: 366 m/s and E 683 Joule
A 6 inch barrel should be somewhere between
400 m/s and  E 820 Joule.

This says nothing about the power the bullet have, let's say the bullet weight like a car how fast would the bullet go.
Car weight = 1000 kg
Energy = 820 J 
Speed = 1,28 m/s or 4,6 km/h normal walking speed.
Imagine you are standing  against the garage door and you are going to stop the car that is rolling towards you,  in front of
the car is a 1 meter long pipe and on that the bullet is connected you think you can stop it?, The bullet it's going throw your body like a knife in to butter a warm summer night   
Warning! Guns in combination with:
alcohol or anabolic steroids or rohypnol or unhappy love, is not good.
Guns should be prohibited on all public places and at homes, the only ones  that should allowed to have guns is the police.
The police should also have playgrounds for those men how likes to play with guns. People that likes to have legal or illegal guns in the public should be locked up for a long time!

S & W Magnum .357 6 inch barrel.
The speed on the bullet depends on two things the ammunition and the length on the barrel.
We know the ammunition and the bullet: Winchester-Western .357 Magnum Metal Piercing 158 grains
We don't know barrel length, but the longer barrel the higher speed on the bullet.
You can even buy the bullet separate and make your own ammunition.

If we suppose that the killer put his gun back in to his pocket in 10 seconds after the last shoot and hi put it back with the gun pipe first should it not realistic be gunpowder in his pocket.
The powder that's been founded on Mr. Victor Gunnarssons jacket arm, should it not been founded in his pocket to?
Is not the handbag (15x20 cm) he got to small to put a 6 inch S&W in to?
According to Ingmar Krusell (a police detective) the gun barrels is at least 6 inch, is it possible to put it  in to
a quilted jacket pocket like Christer Pettersson had?

From the last commission of inquiry  SOU 1999:88 page 152 we read:
bullet's that's been founded comes from an ammunition from a gun with caliber .357 and have the same technical data as S&W .357. The murder  is probable committed with a gun similar with this. Of this revolver type there is a handful manufactures and must popular is the Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum. The Police has therefore come to the conclusion that this is the gun type his been killed with.
A gun has different length on the barrel, barrel length shorter then 4 inch makes a different look on the rear on the bullet then on a 6 inch barrel therefore
the police come to the conclusion that the gun has to be 4 inch or longer.
A gun with 6 inch barrel weight over 1 kg and is longer then 30 cm.

During the 1930s, Smith & Wesson introduced two more famous revolvers, the K-22 Outdoorsman for the competitive shooter and the .357 Magnum for the law enforcement officer who needed a powerful handgun. The .357 Magnum also was significant as the beginning of the Magnumģ era of handguns.
During the 1980s, the most important development was the Smith & Wesson L-Frame line of .357 Magnum revolvers: Models 581, 586, 681, and 686. These had a significant impact on both law enforcement and sporting markets and became the most popular revolvers ever introduced.

It surprised me one day when I started up my car, the first minute it's no power in the engine and maybe it's the same with a gun, it's no power in the first shoot.

A S&W .357 gun looks almost the same as a Sturm Ruger (USA), Llama,  Escodin or Rudy (all three Spain) it's what you load them with that's make them change.

Smith & Wesson .357 magnum

This weapon is very heavy and clumsy but on the same time very powerful and trustable.

The gun powder is small particular that's follow the bullet out in the barrel, they don't goes as straight as the bullet, they spreads out in angle (S) they create a perforated surf (Y). The surf is vertical to the barrel and in the middle the bullet hole is. Depending on how far away the gun is fired from the surf (Y) the measure is different.  In this case the police says they know the measure (X) but not the barre length. Therefore (L) is variable.

Simple physics, a metal that is heated is growing, everybody knows, a plumber who has soldered copper pipes, or a mechanics who have changed the bearings.
What worries me is that the bullet that hits Lisbeth is smaller in diameter, 0.001 "or 0.0254 mm.
When a material becomes warm it grows, it means that the barrel on a gun after the first shot has become warmer and been growing, the inner diameter is increased.
The barrel inner diameter has become larger as the bullet more or less is pressed thru the barrel, friction and the gunpowder explosion heats up the barrel.
This means
that the bullet that hits Lisbeth is fired first and then the fatal shot, bullet 2 hits Olof Palme.

What is interesting is that a shortbarrel gun, 2-4 inches, is growing faster than a longbarrel gun, lesser mass, Anti Avsan friend CG Ostling, had access to a shortbarrel gun.

This would undoubtedly be fun to do a survey on.