73. Polstmortem record
SD: A Swedish newspaper 28/2-96 page 13 Question 32. SD: When is the postmortem record public? Ölvebro: Its not gonna be public, maybe after declare a crime statute-barred year 2000. 33. SD: Why so secrete? Ölvebro: Its uninteresting how a Pathologist is describing Olof Palmes body as long as you don't want to play around with it. The important things are already in public. Ölvebro: However, if crazy things turns up that could hurt the family, its maybe gonna be unclassified.
Expressen: Swedish newspaper 27/2-96 The police wants to read in Olof Palmes private time manager. Lisbeth Palme have the books and refuse to let the police read them, she says they are strictly private and should not give the police any leads.
The relationship between Lisbeth Palme and the police has been very cold almost from the time of the murder.
Above. Joakim Palme is reporting the Pathologist to the Attorney General because she is opening parts of the classifying postmortem record. The only thing she is telling is that Olof Palme was a healthy man when he got shot: Here is the postmortem record in Swedish!