1. M/V Estonia collided with a military boat

My definite opinion is that the M/V Estonia crashed into a military boat, either from NATO, Sweden or Russia. The military boat was on the Baltic Sea for military exercise reasons or supervising the shipment of military goods that were on M/V Estonia.
If the military boat came from Russia it may have deliberately driven into M/V Estonia in order to reduce her due to the load or simply wrong navigated into MV Estonia. If the military boat came from the West it is an accident, bad navigation.

1. The dent in the bow visor is to big.
2. The dent have straight marks that don´t fit the round bulb shape.
3. The 3 marks on the port side has arisen from 3 guns probably, one of the guns made a hole in the MV Estonia hull on the bow visor.
4. Many witnesses tells of a loud bang, iron against iron, plus MV Estonia slowed briefly, when a boat loses speed with a knot in a few milliseconds, it feels like a sharp deceleration.

Here the military boat made a hole on MV Estonias starboard side of the hull, it could be the fins of a submarine that has open up a hole in the hull, there are witnesses who spoke of a scraping sound, metal against metal!

There are many designs of the bow of a military boat, many slopes on the bow, forward and backward. Here is one, a Triton, where the bulb is tilted forward.
An important difference between a passenger boat and a military boat is the thickness in the hull. Passenger boat, 8-10 mm Military boat, 30 mm and thicker.

If M/V Estonia had its stabilizer fins extended, the accident was unavoidable! The size of the hole is completely in line with the sinking process.

It is impossible that MV Estonias round-shaped bulb has done this damage, this is a straight object that has done this damage. This is like a fingerprint, there is only one object that fits the dent

I have thought a long time why there is holes in the bow visor, and this is the final. 1. Here is the submarine on the way up.
2. Here the submarine hits the bow visor, see the dent.
3. The bow visor loose from their mountings and lifts up by the U-boat's forces.
4. U-boat go on and the visor is going down.
5. Here the bow visor hits the Submarines tower differents tube sticking up, see the holes in the visor.
6. U-boat continues along the starboard side of the M/V Estonia.
7. Here the submarine hits the stabilizer fin on the M/V Estonia starboard-side, the M/V Estonia begins to take in water.
There is no other explanation for the dent in the visor, but above, all the holes in the visor. It needs large forces to make the dent in the visor. To make the holes in the visor, not so big forces, it is enough with the bow visor own weight.
Once the stabilizer fin is broken the accident is aa fact, M/V Estonia begins to take in water.

This is the way JAIC means that the bow visor is falling of, a strong wave has torn up all the bow visor locks at once. It would be easy to see if the bulb fits into the damage, dive down and cut the bow visor of with a cutting torch, bring up the bulb, see if it fits, you don’t have to take up the whole ship to do this.